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Soundstage & Green Screen Studio

Located in Austin, TX, our video production studio is fully equipped for the small to mid-sized production. Our built-in three-wall green screen cyclorama is great for simple chroma key and special effects shots. The green screen can be pre-lit and ready in a instant for virtually any kind of production!

Please feel free to contact us regarding video and lighting equipment, special arrangements or any other questions you may have.

Studio Soundstage & Green Screen

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Studio Location

Studio A Layout

Studio A Soundstage Cyclorama Layout

Studio A Soundstage and Cyclorama

This is our soundstage and three-wall green screen cyclorama.
Decked out with Kino Flo continuous lighting, this is the
studio for audio, visual effects, and infinity white effects.

We have two mid-sized studios in Austin, Texas, right between the airport and downtown.

Our studios are fully equipped for photography and video production with a variety of backdrops and both green and white built-in cycloramas (yes, we can paint them).

Be it still life, commercial or fashion photography, or green screen video, you’ll find our facility to be accommodating, quiet, and staffed by knowledgeable and courteous experts.

Please feel free to contact us regarding equipment, craft services, special arrangements, or any other questions you may have.


$650 — 12 hours
$500 — 9 hours
$325 — 4 hours

(includes lighting; call for off-hour and weekend pricing)


Quiet, Mid-sized Studios

We’re just the right size for small to mid-sized shoots, everything from product to editorial to commercial to reality TV shows. Still unsure? We'd love to give you the tour.

Equipment Rental

We have access to anything you’ll need in lighting, camera, grip, or support. Let us know what you need for a great shoot, and it will be waiting for you.

Crew and Staff Available

You can hire us to help, but we're also happy to refer you to our friends in the industry. Every shoot is different, so we’ll get you the best crew for your upcoming shoot.

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